If You Didn't Know...

You’ve seen this painting 100 times but probably know nothing about it. Next time you see something that reminds of you this, just say “hey that reminds me of a Mondrian painting”. You’ll impress all the ladies by your knowledge of high culture; because that’s what this site is all about, knowledge of high culture […]

    Most people don’t know how to drink wine. The next time you go out with friends/family, just watch them take their first sip. If it appears that they’ve just swallowed it, they’ve done it wrong (not to mention, they’ve wasted the wine). THIS is how you drink wine:   Take in a moderate […]

Apple, BMW, Verizon, American Apparel, Kawasaki, 3M, Motorola…the list goes on. If you’ve used any of their products, then you would have seen it. The font they use for commerical wordmarks is called Helvetica. It’s the most popular font of our time; theres even a movieĀ about it. Designed by Swiss designer, Max Miedinger. You don’t […]